Under the Legal Services Act (Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz RDG), it is possible in certain cases that we may not able or not permitted to provide legal advice in isolation from our own work.

However, we are able to work as mediators outside of legal consultancy.

Thanks to our many-faceted experience in the fields of 'economy', 'corporations', 'law', 'taxes', and 'family' we will be glad to assist in the role of mediator – provided that all parties are principally willing to reach an agreement. For this purpose we are also active in the German Mediation Foundation DSM (Deutsche Stiftung Mediation).


Legal consulting

Practice has shown time and again that many problems can only be solved with very specific legal expertise. It is possible that under the Legal Services Act (RDG) we are not permitted or not able to provide isolated legal consulting in certain cases.

However, based on our experience we have arrived at a strong conviction that in order to provide high-quality, efficient, and timely services, we have to offer one-stop assistance. To this end, we have established a firm cooperation with our network of colleagues. This has served us well for 20 years, guaranteeing efficiency and effectiveness.

The tax and legal office with a staff of around 15 specialists from nearly all legal fields is located in our immediate vicinity, so we can guarantee a smooth flow of processes at any time.