This service segment includes all statutory and voluntary audits. Our audit results often become the basis for changes and implementation suggestions that work to your benefit and strengthen your company’s competitive position.

In addition to statutory audits, we offer:

  • Balancing according to HGB (German Commercial Code) and IFRS (IAS), as well as US-GAAP
  • Founding, transformation, and other special audits according to AktG (German Stock Corporations Act), GmbHG (Law on Limited Liability Companies), UmwG (German Transformation Act)
  • Purchase and transformation of companies : due diligence audits
  • Special audits such as embezzlement audits
  • Audits of closing liquidation balances
  • Internal auditing for non-auditing clients
  • Auditing of brokers and developers according to § 16 MaBV (German Real Estate Agent and Commercial Construction Industry Ordinance)


Different types of businesses require particular audits and auditors with the appropriate experience. At FidAudit, our consultants audit and advise:

  • Trade and production companies
  • Financial services providers
  • Companies in the IT and advertising sectors, media companies and publishers
  • Pharmaceutical, biological and genetic technology companies, medical technology enterprises
  • Engineering companies, architects
  • Companies in the construction and excavation business, machine and systems engineering firms, energy companies, and ship builders
  • Hospitals and rehabilitation facilities
  • Public sector companies, water and waste water management boards
  • Non-profit institutions
  • Freelancers, and many more.