Tax law and tax organization

We provide one-stop consulting at the interface of commercial and corporate law, accounting statutes and tax law. Our consultants support you with solid, qualified suggestions and ongoing information about current developments and subsequent implementation support with national and international tax questions.

This includes the classic tax consulting services:

  • Accounting and payroll
  • Preparation of annual reports
  • Preparation of tax declarations
  • Support during tax audits
  • Representation in dealing with financial authorities
  • Conducting proceedings in financial courts


Tax organization consulting has to cover the intersections between tax, legal, and business management responsibilities, and provide feasible courses of action that comply with

  • Corporate law,
  • Labor law,
  • Succession and wills law,
  • Transformation law,
  • Company and competition law and/or
  • Non-profit law.

All of our legal consultants are qualified attorneys in their respective specialties.


Our international tax consulting services focus in particular on determination of locational advantages and the drafting of transfer price agreements.